Wow, happy that you'd like to learn more about me!

What motivates me to design?

I design out of curiosity — about why people behave in particular ways, where the company's decisions are grounded, and how visual cues instantly communicate with users.

If you noticed how inquisitive I am, you're right! My curiosity always helps me to observe the problem from different perspectives and empathize with not only users but also the team members and stakeholders.

What is my design mantra?

Willingness to be vulnerable!

This is actually what my fellow product designer told me. Even though I love to ask questions and get feedback, it's sometimes daunting to tell people that I don't know something and I need their help.

But pretending as if I know everything and I don't need any help sets back my growth. So I always raise hands, ask why and how, and ask if people have time to talk to me — I found that's one of the most powerful shortcuts to my learning and growth.

Any fun facts?

Wow, I do love talking about and hearing fun facts. Here are mines!

  • Fun fact #1 I double-majored in Biochemistry. Let me know if you'd like to learn about the protein purification I used to experiment at a lab.
  • Fun fact #2 I've travelled 30+ countries! I'd love to ramble about my travel stories such as being robbed in Thailand, peeping at wild lions in Kenya, and grabbing an embarrassing amount of bubble teas in Taiwan.
  • Fun fact #3 This entire portfolio is coded by me! Have you found any errors or bugs? Please do let me know so that I could fix it :)