Redesigning a truck driver's journey, making their shift more safe and compliant

Geotab provides fleet management solutions, supporting the businesses to integrate and leverage their vehicle data. I worked on Geotab Drive, a mobile app that encourages truck drivers to meet compliance regulations and allows fleet managers to improve fleet productivity and safety.

✓ How does this project help the business and users?

– Make it easier for drivers to log their shift, report defects on their truck, and communicate with their manager

– Encourage drivers to be more compliant with regulations, staying safe and reducing costs

– Incorporate flexibility into the app so that it will meet the needs of clients with unique use cases

✓ What was my contribution?

– Built a mobile design system connected to the main design system for the sake of consistency

– Rebuilt the whole user flow, making it adaptable to 24+ different use cases and 10+ countries' regulations

– Analyzed mobile best practices and turned the insights into interaction ideas on the app

Since this project is under a strict NDA, I cannot publicly post my work here. But I'm more than happy to share my learnings and experiences with you during the interview, so feel free to reach out to me!

In the meantime...

Check out some clips of the workshop I held to share mobile best practices with the design team :)

I do love to share my learnings with the team! I volunteered to lead this knowledge sharing session to faciliate valuable discussions about mobile UX enhancements. You could see me explaining some mobile design principles using some good and bad examples and tying these insights back to Geotab's products.