How can we help truck drivers meet compliance regulations and drive safely on the road?

Geotab provides fleet management solutions, supporting the businesses to integrate and leverage their vehicle data. I worked on Geotab Drive, a mobile app that encourages truck drivers to meet compliance regulations and allows fleet managers to improve fleet productivity and safety.

01 What is the project about?

Redesign of Drive app, streamlining the complexity of compliance tasks

The objective of this project was to revamp the core user flows, creating a seamless experience for drivers to complete essential compliance tasks such as logging shifts, recording truck inspections, and communicating with fleet managers. A unique challenge was to balance the needs of both users (drivers) and customers (fleet managers) to build a solution that caters to their distinct requirements. Through a user-centric approach, the resulting design solution successfully addressed these diverse needs, delivering an intuitive and efficient experience for both groups.

02 How does this project help the business and users?

1. Simplify onboarding for new users, reducing the learning curve and associated costs

Onboarding new users leads to significant costs and time due to the complex nature of compliance tasks. The improvement of usability not only benefits current users but also accelerates the learning process for new users, enabling them to quickly master task completion.

2. Make the mobile app self-sufficient to minimize the intervention of fleet managers

This improvement made the app experience for drivers more intuitive and self-explanatory, reducing the need for fleet managers' intervention. It minimizes interruptions and empowers drivers to troubleshoot issues independently, driving improved user autonomy and reduced dependency on fleet managers.

3. Improve task completion rate to ensure user compliance with road regulations

Optimizing the core user flows encourages the drivers to efficiently complete their day-to-day tasks while adhering to regulatory compliance, resulting in improved business productivity. This approach reduces the need for costly interventions to address non-compliance issues, saving the business valuable resources while promoting seamless operations for drivers.

03 What was my contribution?

1. Re-architected the entire user flow to optimize for scalability

I effectively addressed the challenge of designing for 24+ different use cases and complying with regulations from 10+ countries by creating frameworks that clarified the diverse requirements. These frameworks enabled smooth communication with the team, ensuring that the app design met the unique needs and regulations of each country, resulting in a highly applicable and compliant solution.

2. Developed a cutting-edge mobile design system for a cohesive experience

I designed and implemented a mobile-specific design system, catering to unique mobile interactions while ensuring consistency in interaction patterns and visual language across products and platforms, complementing the existing web-focused design system.

3. Fostered a collaborative environment by seeking input from cross-functional teams

I promoted strong collaboration with product managers and engineers through open discussions and regular design critiques, ensuring alignment on project progress and early resolution of technical issues. Leveraging input from cross-functional teams, I continuously improved the usability of user flows and ensured a holistic approach to design.

04 Feedback from my team
Feedback from coworkers
05 Sneak peek of how I work

Check out this clip of the workshop I held to share best mobile practices with the design team :) I volunteered to lead this knowledge sharing session to faciliate valuable discussions about mobile UX enhancements. You could see me explaining some mobile design principles using some good and bad examples and tying these insights back to Geotab's products.

Since this project is under a strict NDA, I cannot publicly post my work here. But I'm more than happy to share my learnings and experiences with you during the interview, so feel free to reach out to me!