Neo Financial

How can we support users to earn rewards across various co-branded cards?

Neo offers easy-to-use financial services ranging from credit cards and savings accounts to investments and mortgages. I led the transformation of Neo’s loyalty program, closely aligning it with the company’s dynamic roadmap on partnership expansion and new product launch.

01 My Experience at Neo Financial

At Neo, I had the privilege of leading the Rewards squad, delivering an intuitive experience that enables users to effortlessly earn and spend cashback. While managing a team of 5 product designers from Junior to Senior levels, I have been nurturing each designer's growth and setting the stage for the team's overall success.

I also have been taking the initiative in various architectural projects. These endeavors presented new opportunities to expand partnerships, fostering a seamless user journey within the Rewards ecosystem.

02 Press Coverage
Yahoo finance article
Business wire article

Please use the password I provided to view the details of this project due to its confidential nature. If you don't have the password, feel free to reach out to me so that I can walk you through privately!

Preview of Rewards

In the meantime, Neo's website is offering a sneak peek at what I have worked on! You can learn more about their loyalty program and get a high-level understanding on how it works.